Frequently Asked Questions

If you don’t find the answer to your question, please contact us at help@trovy.io and we’ll be glad to help.

Just what is Trovy?

Trovy is a brand new recommendation app that helps you find more of the things you love using the power of lists; Yes lists.

Why should I use Trovy?

If like us, you constantly search for the great and the good and the weird and the wonderful then Trovy is for you. Trovy helps you to discover new things you might not have heard of, or it just reminds you of the things you've forgotten about.

Why should I make lists?

Research has shown that making lists can be a positive psychological process that is good for reinforcing personal identify, calming a sense of inner chaos, and prioritising.

Do I have to make Lists?

Of course not, Trovy is about discovery, so you can log on and search through all of the lists on Trovy without creating one single list. Although we know you will.

Why is it only on IOS?

We are a brand new app and we are currently testing our way into the market. We decided that building an IOS app to start would be more straightforward. However we will be releasing an Android version very soon after Launch.

How do I sign up?

Enter your email address in the 'keep me updated' box and hit submit and we will send you updates until Trovy is ready to download.

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